Marvel Studios Released the Poster and Final Trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” and We Must Squee for a Bit

Posted on March 16, 2018







Listen, if you hold the quite reasonable position that there are too many superhero films and there should be more films about relatable human drama and interactions rather than computer-generated extravaganzas, we’re afraid this post is not gonna be for you, dear.

Yes, we’re excited. Even non-nerd Lorenzo’s feeling this one.


We can’t imagine it won’t be a mess in a lot of ways. You simply can’t feature that many characters without the narrative and pacing suffering. But this film is the very definition of an extravaganza. Yes, it’s all fireworks, in other words. But the sheer mastery of this fireworks display is worthy of its own praise, regardless of whether the final product manages being anything other than loud and bright. What Marvel Studios has managed with this film no other studio ever has. That alone makes it worthy of some praise. The fact that this looks RIDICULOUSLY exciting and fun on top of everything else is just the icing on the cake. We figured Marvel must have been pretty confident about the success of this film when they pushed up the release date unexpectedly. With this final trailer dropping, we can see why. They really leaned into giving all of these character juxtapositions some room. Half the fun of a classic Marvel team-up is watching various characters meet and interact for the first time. It looks like, incredible action sequences aside, this film’s going to give us that in spades. It looks to be the truest representation of a classic Marvel comic book ever put on screen.



[Photo Credit: Marvel Studios – Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment vi]

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