Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Front Row Rundown

Posted on March 09, 2018

Because of the Oscars, we missed a lot of the front row action at Paris Fashion week, but since the LV show tends to be one of the most celeb-heavy of them, and because so many of said celebs find current LV output to be hilariously difficult to make work, there was no way we were going to let this one slide by.

Funny thing, though: some of them look surprisingly good.



Chloë Grace Moretz

Please note that “surprisingly good” is a relative term. This looks kind of overwrought (not helped by her expression) but seems pretty right for PFW.



Edgar Ramirez

High cuffs and light-colored footwear make your feel look disproportionately small. It’s true.

Still, the rest of it is pretty okay by us.


Emma Stone

We think it may have been a really long time since we said this about an LV front-rower, but we love all of this unreservedly.


Jaden Smith

Shine on, kid. The ladycoat is nice, but it doesn’t go with anything else he’s wearing except the gloves.



Jennifer Connelly

It says something that this horrorshow is one of the least-crazy things the house has put her in.



Justin Theroux

A weird place for him to make a post-divorce announcement appearance. Love the jacket, but the seaming and the shape make it look more suitable for a woman. Is it us or does he actually have a bust?



Michelle Williams

Surprisingly chic, although the boots look juvenile in comparison to the outfit.



Ruth Negga

She’s posing so damn hard in an attempt to make this work, but we’re afraid not even you can do that, Miss Ruth.



Sienna Miller

Coming at ya, straight outta 1991.

Oof. This is bad.



Sophie Turner

SLAYING. The trick to LV is to pick the simplest, most classic designs you can possibly find on the poie.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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