Jessica Alba for Redbook Magazine

Posted on March 16, 2018

Jessica Alba covers the April 2018 issue of Redbook magazine photographed by Justin Coit.



On starting work young: “I was always in trouble with my parents for speaking up and wanting to be an equal part of the conversation. I started working young so I could get that respect.”

On the power of goal setting: “People always ask, ‘Did you know Honest would be what it is?’ And I’m like, ‘Of course I did,’ because I set this goal for myself. You have to set big goals before you can reach them.”

On being hit with lawsuits in 2017, claiming that some Honest products were misrepresented: “Employees who’d worked at consumer product goods brand before Honest told me that when things like that happen at other companies, it’s not news. The fact is, when you make hundreds of thousands of products, not everything is going to turn out exactly the same. But because my name is attached, the story is clickbait.”

On her workout philosophy: “I like to go hard. That effort level where you’re pushing yourself to the limit is almost meditative.”

On her typical week night: “I always try to get home from work for bath time and to cuddle the kids before bed. After that, Cash and I have dinner together and talk about our days. I need ‘us’ time all the time.”

On perceptions across social media: “I don’t have it together at all. I just don’t need to use social media as therapy and tell everyone, ‘Today I f—-ed up as a mom.’ It’s none of your damn business,” she says with a laugh. “I’m fine if people want to air their dirty laundry online, but people know enough about me. I make mistakes all the time…and sometimes when I get together with my friends, we’ll reflect on how we’ve made similar good and bad decisions. It’s like ‘Yeah, that was humbling.’ Then you move on and have a glass of wine.”

On being a role model for her daughters: “I hope that their seeing me get out of my comfort zone will give them some degree of fearlessness to try stuff. I want them to know that you can’t give up when it gets hard; when it gets hard is when you learn the most. You can’t teach kids that by just talking the talk – you have to walk the walk and reinforce it with talk.”




[Photo Credit: Redbook Magazine]

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