Emma Thompson Goes Her Own Way And Lands on One of Her Best Looks Ever

Posted on March 29, 2018

Emma Thompson in Stella McCartney at BBC’s “King Lear” Screening.


Miss Emma is an utterly wonderful person for so many reasons. She is a talented and entertaining actress, a world-class wit, intelligent and thoughtful in a way that’s rare among her cohorts, and she’s always more than willing to skewer, ridicule, flout and/or tear down conventions when they displease her or get in her way. These qualities make her an all-around fabulous human being, but turn her into Crazy Aunt Emma on the red carpet, more often than not.

That’s not a knock against her. The red carpet is a purely mercenary, entirely phony venue. It’s fun and fabulous when you approach it the right way, but Emma’s just not the kind of gal who’s willing or able to cross over that threshold. She never found (or fashion never offered) a way to really express herself in a stylish and attention-seeking way, in the manner of good red carpetry.

Looks like Stella did her right:

Some may quibble with the proportions on the suit or question the very existence of the footwear, but we think this is pretty damn fabulous all around; mainly because these are good, high-end, photogenic pieces that truly suit her personality. There’s a part of her that’s unfussy and no-nonsense, which tends to express itself in business-like suits a lot. This one checks off those boxes while having a little bit more style and flair to it.

And there’s also a part of her that’s wacky, bawdy and unpredictable. That quality, crossed with her famous dislike of wearing heels (she’s been known to take them off and carry them at public events) found its perfect expression in the shoes. She’s not the first celebrity to wear them, but she may the one most suited for them. They’re fun, fabulous, highly photogenic, and comfortable. They’re perfect for her. Look how happy she is here. She’s always pretty gregarious, but she’s clearly feeling herself a little extra right now.

Oh, and the hair looks spectacular. Really pulls the whole look together in an Aging Punk Chic kind of way.




Style Credits:
Stella McCartney ‘Wellesley‘ Pinstripe Blazer and Matching Pants
Stella McCartney ‘Indium Elyse‘ Star Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, mytheresa.com]

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