Chanel Oscar Party 2018 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 08, 2018

Darlings, we were very, very wrong when we gleefully announced that our Oscars red carpet coverage had finally come to an end. We totally forgot about Uncle Karl’s party. To be fair, it stands a bit apart from the other Oscar parties. First, because there’s so much Chanel to be found and second, because in typical Uncle Karl style, it was less about getting all the nominees together to honor them and more about a hand-selected list of celebrities who look good in Chanel.

In other words, it was a fashion party, not an entertainment industry party.



Daniel Kaluuya

It looks to us like he finally got a suit that’s tailored to him, although it’s a bit hard to tell since he has his hand shoved in his pocket.


Jamie Dornan

Seriously, you’re at a Chanel party. Stop playing with your balls.

He’s cute, so this works better than it should.



Kristen Stewart

We know Punky Chanel is her thing, but the visible thigh-highs don’t seem like her style. The pieces are nice, but the jacket overwhelms everything about the look.


Margot Robbie

We’re not crazy about the sandals or the party streamers hanging off the dress, but this looks pretty good on her. She can work black really well. We hope her Chanel obligations are more along this line than trying to make her into the next Sienna Miller.

And speaking of which…


Sienna Miller

Really cute and simple. Not a phrase we’ve used about her red carpet style all that often – if ever. But a good coat’s a good coat, and she was smart enough not to wear anything to fight with it – unlike K Stew.



Tracee Ellis Ross

Love everything but the top, which unfortunately overwhelms the look. Seems to be kind of a thing with this red carpet.


Yara Shahidi

Hmm. We tried, but this isn’t really working for us. The pink lace doesn’t feel like her, the silly putty pumps are disappointing, and the bag doesn’t go with either of them.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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