RED CARPET SHOWDOWN OF THE WEEK: Danai Gurira vs. Penelope Cruz

Posted on February 09, 2018

HOLY COW, did we ever pick the wrong week to unveil this feature!

Kittens, rather than trying to curate a selection of best-dressed stars of the week, we’re going to each pick our fave of the week, defend them, and let you guys make the final call. Since this post was Tom’s idea, he got to pick first, leading to Lorenzo’s wail of rage and anguish.


T’s Pick: Danai Gurira at the “Black Panther” European premiere in London in Jean-Louis Sabaji couture.

T’s Defense: IN YOUR FACE, LO. I don’t need to defend this choice at all. She’s flawless. You know it. I know it. WE ALL KNOW IT.



Lo’s Pick: Penélope Cruz at the Goya Cinema Awards in in Madrid, Spain in Versace.

Lo’s Defense: I have no problem claiming this look. Danai is fabulous, but some people don’t like that kind of really bold, almost gaudy style. I think this makes a great counterpoint. It’s really glamorous and she looks A-MA-ZING in it. But it’s elegant – for Versace. The red fan (a symbol of the Goyas’ commitment to #MeToo) is SUCH a beautiful way to finish the look off. It’s glamorous, it’s elegant. it’s flawless. And she’s paying homage to her friend  – and current role – Donatella. 

So kittens, do your part to make our marriage just a little more contentious by letting us know which one is wrong!


Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of February 4th, 2018?

Danai Gurira in Jean-Louis Sabaji Couture
Penélope Cruz in Versace
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