Timothée Chalamet for GQ Magazine

Posted on February 19, 2018

“Call Me by Your Name” star Timothée Chalamet covers the March 2018 issue of GQ magazine photographed by Ryan McGinley and styled by Mel Ottenberg.



On his favorite part of “Call Me by Your Name”: “I found my first copy of the book recently, and I felt happy that the passage that I’d annotated the most was Mr. Perlman’s speech at the end…And that, I had highlighted and underlined it, and even right now it gives me goose bumps, I don’t know why… That idea that if you feel shitty when you’re grieving, whether that’s over a lost romance, or a lost parent, you’re doing it correctly, and you don’t need to add the baggage of beating yourself on top of it. That is a human trait to do that, but it is also of the self-loathing generation, my generation—and that’s something I’ve really tried to carry in my life.”

On what’s going to be like to act again with some sort of “legitimacy.”: “I’ve never acted with any sort of public image in mind with anybody expecting anything, and it freaks me out a little…If I had known people would be seeing ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ I don’t know if it would’ve come out the same way.”

On being self-critical and cautious: He’s skeptical of “the artificial maturity that can accompany young actors.” He repeats often “that the male brain doesn’t fully develop until 25.” He’s wary of the pitfalls of early success and thinks constantly about fucking it up. It’s imperative to him that he not be “a flash in the pan, or do anything to encourage the idea that this is a moment, and a flavor of the month.… I look at the road map for young male actors, for young actors, and it’s not particularly healthy.”



Style Credits:
Cover: Jacket by Saint Laurent | Shirt by JW Anderson
First Image: Jacket and Shirt by Saint Laurent | His Own Bracelet by A.P.C.
Second Image: Jacket by Gosha x Burberry Spring 2018 Capsule Collection | Turtleneck by Bally | Jeans by Saint Laurent  | Boots by Berluti

Styled by Mel Ottenberg | Hair by Thom Priano

[Photo Credit: /GQ Magazine, nssmag.com, vogue.com]

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