Cathy Cambridge’s Endless Supply of Blue Coats

Posted on February 08, 2018

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Opens the Action on Addiction Community Treatment Centre in Wickford.


Mrs. Cathy is feeling blue again:

Honestly, that’s the whole story. Cathy wore a blue coat. Again. Doesn’t this Duchess know that hard-working bloggers need a little something-something to talk about? Can’t she, just once, come out in a studded leather moto, just to screw with people?

Alas, no. Which means we’re left with no other recourse than to note once again how good her coat-picking skills are while also providing the rebuttal that anyone’s coat-picking skills would be considered good if they settled on one design and just wore it over and over again. Harrumph.

She looks lovely, howevs. Which is pretty much why she has such a narrow set of go-tos. They work. She’ll be dressing exactly like this in 30 years.

On a similar note (and to be honest, the whole reason we snatched these pics and threw them up here), the lovely folks at Town & Country magazine asked us (along with all the most notable Cathy bloggers, placing us in some impressive company) what Mrs. Cathy should wear to the nuptials of her glamorous brother-in-law and even more glamorous bride. And because we are the kinds of people who never stay silent when someone asks us our opinions, we gladly gave them. You can read what we suggested for her here, along with the responses of the Cathy experts. Basically, we all started off with “She’s not going to compete with the bride…”



Style Credits:
Goat ‘Ellory’ Bow Detail Coat
G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings
Aspinal of London Clutch
Stuart Weitzman ‘Power’ Pump

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]



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