Style File: Zendaya Coleman is Having Herself a Week

Posted on February 20, 2018

Miss Z is never one to take a timid approach in her style choices, but even for her, the following looks are pretty bold and attention-seeking. They’re also being deployed at the exact right time for her to go really bold and to keep the wandering spotlight on her a second or two longer. Girlfriend knows the score.


Zendaya attends the Burberry Fall 2018 show during London Fashion Week in London, England in Burberry.

Yes, it’s too much. Yes, London Fashion Week is exactly the right time for too much. On the one hand, we don’t think we can say that the pattern mixing works as well as it should. On the other hand, we’re impressed by how well all the patterns coordinate in scale and color, even if the effect isn’t quite as unified as one would have hoped. We love everything she’s modeling here – and that’s exactly what she’s doing. “Wearing” doesn’t quite cover it. Anyway, we love the items and would love to see her break them up and show them off a bit. Those shoes are fun and that coat is gorgeous. Set them off.


Zendaya attends the Charles Finch and Chanel Pre-BAFTA Celebration in London, England in Fatima Danielsson.

Again, Miss Girl is wearing too much. Again, she’s doing so at a time and place where it’s not only expected of her, but makes good PR sense.

Do we love this? Not quite. We love these, as in, “these separate items, which should go through a painful breakup and start seeing other pieces.” It was apparently a theme of hers this week. But it’s a capital-L Lewk, which is what you want for an honest-to-Coco fashion party.


Style Credits:
First Look: Burberry Ensemble from the Spring 2018 Collection [Not pictured in the gallery]
Second Look: Fatima Danielsson Suit and Coat from the Spring 2018 Collection | Bulgari Jewelry

Styled by Law Roach

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]




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