RED CARPET SHOWDOWN OF THE WEEK: Elle Fanning vs. Tilda Swinton

Posted on February 16, 2018

Ooooh, we got a good matchup this week! Last week’s head-to-head was just a weensy bit one-sided, but this time around, we’ve got two incredibly strong looks from two women fairly far apart on the style range.


Lo’s Pick: Elle Fanning at the Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany in Valentino.

Lo’s Defense: Oh, come on. This is EVERYTHING. This is why I love fashion; for moments like these. She looks STUN. NING. And no one expected to see her like this! A total WOW moment. Definitely on the list for best of the year. It’s the best look she’s ever worn, period. 



T’s Pick: Tilda Swinton at the Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany in Chanel.

T’s Defense: You can have your Princess Grace fantasy, as far as I’m concerned. Serve me up Androgynous Alien Chic any day of the week. This isn’t merely pretty or only fabulous. It’s next-freaking-level. And yes, I’ll be voting for this one on the year-end list. Count on it. 


There you have it! Two bitches with opinions! You make the call:

Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of February 11th, 2018?

Elle Fanning in Valentino
Tilda Swinton in Chanel
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Style Credits:
Elle Fanning: Valentino Dress from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection
Tilda Swinton: Chanel Black and White Head-to-Toe Look from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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