Pink and Justin Timberlake Perform at Super Bowl LII

Posted on February 05, 2018

We don’t think their performances could’ve been more different. On the left, a dignified, powerful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” from a gal with the flu who, in perfect Philly Girl style, spit out her lozenge just before bringing the house down. On the right, an unlicensed, black market version of Woody from Toy Story mumbling his way through a curiously low-energy set and getting upstaged by random children taking selfies.

But enough facts. Let’s get to the opinions on their stagewear.


Pink in Unravel (Bomber) and Rita Vinieris (Pants)

Enh. We don’t love it as a whole, although we can understand the thinking behind it. She cuts a figure. You should be able to see her from quite far away. Under the lights of the stadium, the satin and white are like a beacon. We really like the jacket and the top; don’t much like the cut of the pant, although we can see why she chose them. She’s got a real shape to her, which means she’s not just a white dot or column to the people in the stands.

Tricky camo was apparently a thing this year (although camo shows up a LOT in your average American sporting event musical performance). Along with Miss Pink’s angelic take on the battlefield pattern, there was Justin’s rather… well. See for yourself:


Justin Timberlake in Stella McCartney

Honestly? The suit is pretty sweet. We wouldn’t mind seeing some guy try to rock a paint-splatter camo/glen plaid suit on the red carpet. Still, it strikes us an odd choice for the Super Bowl. Sure, it’s got some visual interest to it, but it’s still a conventional suit. Aside from the team owners, who wears a suit to the Super Bowl? And while the pattern is nice, it’s way too muddy and inscrutable in this setting.



The jacket’s fine. Standard.

But this nonsense:

Mister, you look like a Microsoft screen saver wearing a dog scarf.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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