Netflix’s Trailer for Season 2 of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” and The Archetype of the Female Hero

Posted on February 07, 2018

Netflix dropped the trailer for the MUCH AWAITED (by us, at least) second season of Jessica Jones:



Now, we loved the first season (you can read our reviews here), but went cold on most of the other Marvel Netflix offerings. Daredevil still has our interest, but Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Punisher all fizzled out on our To-Watch List. We made it all the way through The Defenders and found it fun, if deeply confused about what it wanted to be.

But looking at this trailer,and taking into consideration the excellence of the  first season and the success of the Wonder Woman movie (our review here), we think there’s a reason why JJ and WW both succeeded: It’s because both projects never lose sight of the woman who is the hero. Both projects centered the main protagonist – her thoughts, her desires, her fears, her agenda, her actions – without losing sight of her womanhood; without trying to make her into a stereotypical “Badass Female” or “Strong Woman,” two writing tropes male writers tend to love that, not coincidentally, write women as if they were men.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no question that Jessica Jones is a badass or that Diana Prince is a strong woman. But without overstating it or making it sound like, we don’t know … heroism with a lace trim, there’s always a sense that their identities as women are central to their stories; that you couldn’t tell these same stories about male superheroes.

Does that make sense? We’re not trying to impose some sort of retrograde femininity on their stories or make the argument that their feelings and emotions are more central than the action, but there’s definitely a sense in both works that their womanhood is not beside the point. It is the point. And that’s why both projects succeeded so well.

Long story short: we’re pumped for season two. How about you?


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