Millie Bobby Brown Is Sassy and On-Point at the Calvin Klein Fashion Show

Posted on February 14, 2018

We’ve come in for a decent amount of criticism for not approving of the way Millie’s team makes her style choices for her. This pushback often takes one of two forms, both of which are off the mark (which is a polite way of saying “wrong”). The first is that our objections have to do with her being sexualized at too young an age. That has never been our take. In fact, we’d say her team has admirably avoided this trap. Rather, we think her team promotes a too-grownup, Vogue-cover sophistication that lies way beyond her years and puts pressure on her to live up to a standard of beauty applied to women twice her age and older. The second complaint is that we’re criticizing the choices of a young girl, but her promotional wardrobe is clearly being styled for her and she herself has admitted that final decisions on everything she wears in public come down to her parents. Again, that’s admirable, but in our view, their choices tend to push her too far into adulthood.

And yes, we have tons of sisters and nieces. We know that young girls with a love of fashion often attempt to get themselves into more mature looks as soon as possible. We’ve never seen any of them try the slicked-back chic minimalism that sometimes gets foisted on Millie. If anything, it seems to us that young girls push themselves toward high glam or precociously sexy looks rather than the very New York Fashion World, stylist-curated looks she tends to show up wearing a lot of the time.

Which is why we find it highly ironic that her appearance at, of all places, New York Fashion Week, has her sporting one of the most appropriate looks we’ve ever seen her wear.


Granted, a literal cheerleader’s uniform is a bit too on-point, but if you removed the W and kept everything else, we’d dub this perfect. Love the white moto and pumps, which give her that fashiony feel without overdoing it for her.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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