Margot Robbie in Prada at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival: IN or OUT?

Posted on February 09, 2018

Darlings, as we shriek our opinions about a bunch of really gay topics into microphones for this week’s Pop Style Opinionfest podcast, we turn to you to pick up the T Lo mantle and ride forward with it, judging all who come across your path for their poor style choices and fashion deficiences.

Or just tell Miss Margot what you think of her outfit:

The textile’s a little bit “wedding venue ladies room,” but she has a knack for working vaguely retro, mildly tacky looks. We really like the shape and style, but the color and textile are hard for us to get past. The hair and makeup are pretty. She’s really working that Michelle Pfeiffer-white gold thing hard. Can’t blame her for that, but sometimes her retro-tinged choices don’t smell very fresh to us, like here.

You make the call, though:

Margot Robbie’s Retro Wallpaper Look:
IN or OUT? 



Style Credits:
Prada Ensemble from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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