Karen Gillan in Thom Browne at the 2018 Glasgow Film Festival: IN or OUT?

Posted on February 26, 2018

If you’re dragging your feet this Monday – which is another way of saying “If you’re anything like us” – then please allow this post to wake you the hell up with its boldness and philosophical paradoxes, both of which you will no doubt spend the rest of this day wrestling with in order to find some peace. You are being asked to assess the following, beaded nipple and all:

And you are required to tell us whether we should love it or not. We, for our parts, are very much inclined to love it. Yes, even the beaded nipple. Granted, we loved the tuxedo-inspired runway version much more, but even so, we admire Miss Karen for making such a bold choice and we think it’s paid off for her. There’s this utterly bizarre juxtaposition of old-school luxury and robot-girl naughtiness that seems to work for her. The dress is weird, but then again, she’s always done best with her style when she leans into her own Weird Girl status. Our only real critique is with her hair, which is simply not up to the demands of such a boldly declarative gown. It deserved better.

So we guess our minds are made up, which makes your task here all the harder. Mount a convincing argument and respond:

Karen Gillan’s Robot Amazon Goddess Gown:

IN or OUT?


Note how we assumed you’d all hate it and try to convince us otherwise. That was reverse psychology on our parts. Let’s see if it worked.

Style Credits:
Thom Browne Silver Metallic Crystal-Embellished Gown from the Spring 2017 Collection
Casadei Silver Pump

Styled by Karla Welch

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]

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