Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Lawrence at the “Red Sparrow” DC Premiere

Posted on February 16, 2018

And now for a feature we like to call “Hot Off-Brand Celebrities.”

Just kidding. We don’t call it any such thing. Even so, both of these stars are stepping out in ensembles that look like … something neither of them would wear normally. It’s a good thing for one of them; a not-so-good thing for the other.


Miss Jennifer is working Hot-to-Death, Stiletto-heeled, Killer Russian Spy realness – and we are very much here for that after years of being subjected to shots of her in terrible Dior gowns that didn’t suit her. Miss Girl’s in her style zone when she gets to do Badass Sexy on the red carpet. She looks great, if a little bit too on-the-nose for promoting this film. Although “showing up in costume” is becoming more and more of a thing for the red carpet this year. Just ask the Black Panther cast.

Joel, on the other hand, looks kind of awful; not just because his outfit is dull, monochromatic, style-free and sloppy, but because he has a history of wearing fun, slightly dandy, slightly hipster-ish looks that really set him off. Tweeds and sweaters and cuffed jeans with boots and a cute pair of glasses – that’s been his style zone for as long as he’s been in the public eye. This looks like he hit a bar after attending a funeral. Be better, Joel. Be hotter.




We guess so. That’ll be a rental at best, or more likely, something we’ll catch on HBO. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look worth the price of a movie ticket these days.


Style Credits:
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Jacquie Aiche ‘Galaxy’ Ring Comprised of Yellow Gold, Enamel and Diamonds
Sylva & Cie White Stone Crescent Moon Pendant

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