Jennifer Lawrence and the Cast of “Red Sparrow” Did Not Coordinate for the London Photocall

Posted on February 21, 2018

These shots rocketed around social media yesterday and subsequently garnered the full wrath of social media outragefests, but we’re not fully on board with the backlash.


Francis Lawrence, Matthias Schoenaerts, Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons at the “Red Sparrow” photocall in London, England.



Jennifer Lawrence in Versace

The outrage went like this: “Why is Jennifer Lawrence standing there in the cold, in a revealing gown and high heels when all her male co-stars are bundled up and casual?”

It’s a good question. First, let’s say this: she’s really ramping up the sex factor for this promotional tour. Even her casual looks have featured things like thigh-high boots. This is a spectacular dress and she looks crazy-hot in it. If you want to know why she’s dressed this way; that’s why. She’s selling a film in which she stars as a super-sexy femme fatale spy. No one else in the cast is selling that story in their clothing because they’re not playing super-sexy femme fatale spies in this film.

As for the men and their outfits …

Matthias Schoenaerts



Joel Edgerton



Jeremy Irons

We would rate most of them as “okay” to “pretty good.” See, as outraged as people might get over the clear discrepancy displayed in these pics, it’s not as cut and dried as people are making it out to be. Photo calls are always much more casual affairs than red carpet events. While it’s not unusual to see female stars dressed up far more for these things than their male co-stars, it’s honestly really weird for one of them to show up in a full gown with plunging neckline, slit to the hip.


In other words, Jennifer Lawrence is wildly over-dressed for this event. And you could make the argument that she’s suffering under a system that pressures her or forces her to dress this way, but to be quite honest, she’s a bad person on which to hang this argument. She is, quite literally, the biggest star in these photos. She is the entire reason so many photographers showed up. We can accept that she operates under the pressures that force women into considering things like heels, shapewear, and hours of hair and makeup before stepping out in front of cameras. She had the option to show up casually dressed, wearing a coat to protect her from the cold, but she’s a smart and savvy star whose last couple of films were critical or commercial duds. She knew what she was doing here. We don’t see her as a victim in this instance, but as someone who’s smart about her PR and how to manipulate it.

Edited to add: The lady in question gets the final word:


Style Credits:
Versace Black Dress from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
Rachel Katz Jewelry
Walters Faith Jewelry

Styled by Jill and Jordan

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