Friday Leftovers for the Week of February 18th, 2018- Part Two

Posted on February 23, 2018

You guys, these poor celebrities have been waiting all week for the blessings of our judgement. Won’t you help us give it to them? The poor wretches deserve that much, at least.

Just kidding. They don’t give a shit, which is why we all have free rein to go nuts. So shall we? Go nuts, that is?


Armie Hammer

We feel like Armie’s stopped trying, you guys. He looks like he needs a hug.



Dascha Polanco

Girl, please.



Gemma Arterton

It’s a surprisingly sassy look coming from her, but she looks like she’s about to ask for a hat and a cane and launch into a Fosse routine.



Gillian Anderson in Chanel

She’s scorching hot on the X-Files right now so why does she keep hitting the red carpet looking like a 70-year-old socialite?



Haley Bennet in Chanel

It’s a cute enough style, but it doesn’t seem to suit her at all. And the shoes are awful.



Isabelle Huppert in Roberto Cavalli

LOVE this. Down to the disco platforms. WERQ that shit, mama.



John Boyega

This all makes sense in the context of the super-puffy Moncler show that he’s attending.



Laverne Cox

Love the hair, but the coat looks a bit bathmat-y.



Minnie Driver

Not reinventing the wheel, but very cute.



Naomi Watts in Miu Miu

The fit in the bust is awful and for some reason, that pink doesn’t appear to flatter her coloring, which is odd, since pinks and blondes usually go together well.



Natalie Dormer in Alberta Ferretti

Love her, but this is kind of basic and flat. You have to put a spin on the dress-and-moto look because it’s a bit of a cliche.


Nicholas Hoult

British Boo.

But his cuff situation is distracting as hell and he needs to shave.



Olivia Munn in Laura Basci

Watch model. It’s fine. It’s what she’s there for. She smartly chose a gown that actually coordinates with it.



Robbie Amell

It’s sharp, but a bit too businesslike. Granted, it’s got a nicely retro – as in 1920s – feel to it, but we still feel a bit of contrast, color and texture would have helped here.


Ruth Wilson in Christian Dior Couture

For once, we can’t argue with Miss Ruth’s style choices; not even the goofy sandals because we think they kind of balance the look out a bit.



Taron Egerton

Other British Boo.

And with that, our red carpet work of the week is done, darlings. But we’ve still got a bit of fashion posting and a brand new Friday feature coming up! Feel free to start your Happy Hour now, but you’ll have to wait a bit before we swim up to the bar because we’ve still got a bit of work to do. It’s the price of being so beloved, you guys.




Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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