Chris Pine in Giorgio Armani at the “A Wrinkle in Time” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on February 27, 2018

And now, some fresh Pine scent to perk you up:

Maybe not so fresh.

Look, we know he’s got Internet Boyfriend status right now, and we certainly wouldn’t argue against anyone’s Steve Trevor fantasies. But the dude is 37 years old and dresses like someone two decades older. The Robert Wagner hair is aging and does nothing for him. And while the suit is clearly fine, the style is, like the hair, a bit aging.

Moving on to more precise and technical critiques, a blue dress shirt and knit tie are completely wrong for that suit, which call for a bit more formality. Ironically, the shirt and tie are the only vaguely youthful touches to the look.

Piney, your style sweet spot is Humanities Professor Every Heterosexual Sorority Girl Wants To Do. Tweeds and vests and knit ties, glasses and jeans and boots. Go forth and be hot. Stop dressing like you’re picking up your Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1985 Golden Globes. Also, a little moisturizer wouldn’t be a bad idea.



Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Suit
Christian Louboutin Shoes

Styled by Wendi and Nicole Ferreira

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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