Cathy Cambridge’s Scandinavian Fashion Adventure, Part THREE!

Posted on February 02, 2018

Mrs. Cathy continues her tour of Scandinavia (Don’t miss parts one and two!), while also serving up minute variations on her own, well-established and very restrained personal style that we, along with everyone else who writes about this stuff, will go on to treat like SEISMIC developments in her mostly illusory style evolution! It’s kind of a thing!

Let’s keep going!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend lunch at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway.

Mature, ladylike, royal-baking realness.

It’s not our thing, and we’d find this dress incredibly dowdy in a red carpet situation, but it’s definitely her thing and it seems entirely appropriate for the venue. The thing with Cathy is, you can only ever really discuss her style in terms of appropriateness, since that is her main goal in all public appearance ensembles. It’s never about the usual things one references when talking about style: impact, trends, chicness. She looks restrained, demure and … we wouldn’t go so far as to say “elegant” about a dress like that, which means the super-retro “lady-like” will have to do. It’s not a word we’d normally use unironically, but it’s who she is and how she dresses.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Hartvig Nissen School in Oslo, Norway.

Another variation on the Cold Weather Cathy Fashion Doll. There’s not much left to say anymore about Mrs. Cathy in a military-inspired coat and knee-high boots, except to note once again that it’s her go-to because she has never looked bad in this style.

Interesting that she and Bill aren’t dressed to match. She used to be pretty strict about that.

Now, we may be hitting the “She’s restrained and not about high-impact fashion” point a bit hard this time around, but that was only to set you up for the rug-pull:


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during a dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway.


Did someone say something about lack of impact? Not these two bitches. Yes, it’s a big, cream-colored tent. We’re not suggesting she suddenly went all stiletto-fierce on us. But it’s dramatic, compared to most of her usual fare. Again: not our taste in the slightest, but it’s definitely high-impact, photogenic, and has that slight fairy tale quality that so many people want to see in her life. She looks lovely. It’s not her job to look trendy-chic.



Style Credits:
First Look: Séraphine Maternity ‘Marlene’ Dress | Tod’s Shoes
Second Look: Dolce&Gabbana Coat
Third Look: Alexander McQueen Gown | Jimmy Choo Clutch

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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