Cathy Cambridge Dims the Lights a Little at the BAFTA Awards

Posted on February 19, 2018

The BAFTA Awards staged a “Time’s Up” black dress initiative in the manner of the Golden Globes this year. There was much speculation – and much of it entirely too feverish – as to whether Mrs. Cathy, who is, after all, the wife of the President of BAFTA and not merely some glamorous royal appearance-maker, would follow suit and show up in black.

She opted for this:

And while we would never claim to know the mind of this woman we will certainly never meet, after years of documenting her sartorial choices, we think we understand her thinking here. To her, this is a compromise. She didn’t show up in all black, but she showed up in a somber color with black accents. From her perspective, someone who dresses plainly, in a small range of flattering colors (mostly blue and red, which are, not coincidentally, also patriotic colors), this is a stark contrast; a clear and obvious message of solidarity with the veneer of neutrality.

If you were someone hoping she’d lend her name to the cause of women’s harassment and abuse by standing with other women, you might have found this a disappointing solution. But Cathy has always looked to her Grandmother-in-Law as an example of how to conduct oneself in public (notably avoiding any behavior comparable to her mother-in-law, to whom she is nonetheless constantly compared, rather unfairly) and Gramma Betty has always maintained a strict public neutrality in virtually all matters both political and socio-cultural. In short: it was never going to happen. To a Royal, black dresses are for state and family funerals, not entertainment awards shows.

On a style level, it’s a lovely dress, but we honestly question whether the emeralds were the right choice for it. The greens clash.



Style Credits:
Jenny Packham Off-the-Shoulder Dress with an Empire Waistline
Cartier Jewelry
Prada Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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