Calvin Klein Fashion Show Front Row Rundown

Posted on February 15, 2018

Darlings, we gave Miss Lupita and Miss Millie Bobby their own front row spotlight posts, but it’s time to clear out the front row backlog, so to speak.

We really bring a romantic touch to our descriptions of the fashion world, don’t you find?

And listen, we should all be really nice in our assessments of  these folks, because Raf Simons made them all walk through mounds of popcorn. It sounds nuts – and we’re not even denying that – but the CK show electrified the fashion press and gave the brand buzz it hasn’t seen in years. We know the Bitter Kittens couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but regardless of whether it’s wearable, salable or palatable, it was a masterful PR stroke. The talk of the week.


Christian Ricci

Cute and simple, but way too springtime for February in New York.


Judith Light

LUV HUH – and the ensemble is great, but we hate the way she’s wearing that jacket and there’s no way clear shoes will ever look chic.



Laura Dern

Love the look, even if it’s overwhelming her. We guess they were directed to wear their jackets that way for pics.



Letitia Wright

FABULOUS. Except the shoes.



Lucas Hedges

Love the jacket, hate dingy looking kicks.

Broke our hearts in LadyBird.


Margot Robbie

Fiercely working that ’86-’92 range again. Too bad about the shoes. We don’t hate this pair as much as some seem to, but stylists fell WAY too in love with them and they’re overused.



Rachel Brosnahan

This would work without the drawstring on the blouse and with a totally different pair of shoes. Those things are hideous.



Sebastian Stan

We had no idea Country Western Vampire was even a thing, but it turns out, he’s its icon. This looks so weirdly great on him.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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