Britney Spears Doesn’t Deviate an Inch From What Works, at the 2018 Hollywood Beauty Awards

Posted on February 26, 2018

Little-Known T Lo Fact: Britney was one of the first non-Project Runway-related celebrities we wrote about in our blogging careers. Right around the time we branched out from reality TV blogging is when she was doing image rehab after her breakdown and we couldn’t keep our mouths shut on the matter. For the longest time afterward, all Britney coverage had a semi-tragic undertone to it, based almost entirely on that first blogging impression of her at her weakest point.

But it’s long past time for us to acknowledge that she’s a grown-ass woman who has been doing what works for her for the longest time – and we’re not just talking about style choices.

But okay, let’s talk about style choices:

It’s tacky. It’s lingerie crossed with ice-dancing. It’s tired. It’s been seen a kajillion times before. So stipulated, over and over again.

But she is who she is. Putting aside all wish-based critiques of wanting her to drastically rethink her style, we’ll stick to more manageable advice and suggest that she provide the slightest bit of color/contrast in her dress choices – even pink would’ve been preferable – and if she’s going to wear such basic frocks, the least she could do is pick a more interesting sandal than those generic things, which don’t even suit her foot shape.

Like we said, she’s doing the work and it’s mostly working for now. We tend to think of her style the way we would have considered someone like Celine Dion five or ten years ago, before she broke out of her mold: someone who’s locked into a certain look because she can still work it and because it makes good branding sense for her. She’s Britney, bitch. And she’s going to keep serving that up for as long as she can.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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