Alicia Vikander Does Her Usual Schtick, in Chloé at the “Tomb Raider” Madrid Photocall

Posted on February 28, 2018

Rushed, last-minute T Lo Editorial Conference:

Lo: There are pics of Alicia —

T: Don’t say it.

Lo: — Vikander, at a —

T: Ugh.

Lo: I know. At a Tomb Raider photo call. Do you want to feature them?

T: Does she look really dull and under-styled, in some goofy-ass Louis Vuitton jawn?

Lo: No, actually.

T: Oh, alright then. Let’s run it.



T: Dammit.

Lo: Yeah. I forgot to add: she’s boring and under-styled and wearing a goofy-ass CHLOE jawn. Did I use “jawn” right?

T: Fuhgeddaboudit.


We’re sorry, but we’re so over her style. It always comes off so off-kilter and yet perfunctory at the same time; as if her choices aren’t so much a representation of her quirky and idiosyncratic style as they are of whatever was nearest her when it came to make a decision. That shade of brown is so awful that no human being of any skin tone should attempt to make it work. That dress is dog-colored.

We say “dress,” ironically, of course. It’s a sexy choir robe. For a choir of dogs, it would seem. And now that we’ve planted the image of sexy choral dogs in your heads, you can see why we find her oddness so irritating.

Bottom line, she makes some vaguely unique style choices, but in the end, they all wind up looking really dull and joyless.



Style Credits:
Chloé Long-Sleeve Pleated Dress with Belt from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
Chloé ‘River’ Canvas and Leather Wedge Ankle Boots

Styled by Victoria Sekrier | Makeup by Kelly cornwell | Hair by George Northwood Fitzrovia

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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