Yara Shahidi Brings the Drama in Vera Wang at the NAACP Image Awards

Posted on January 16, 2018

It’s a little odd to see her in a plain black dress (“plain” being an entirely relative term here), so we half-wonder if she’s doing this out of solidarity or she’s doing it simply because girlfriend was in an LBD kinda mood.

Of course, calling this plain or referring to it as a “little black dress” tends to paint only half the picture here:

Point of order: We kinda hate those sleeve/strap thingies. We never did like them, as evidenced by our extensive research into the proper technical name for them. We just don’t get how they’re not incredibly irritating to the wearer after fifteen minutes.

Aside from that, and the slightly wonky fit in the bust, we have no issues here. It’s a surprisingly standard and low-key dress for a lady who loves to wear much more dazzling looks, which is why we wondered about the thinking behind it. Not that it matters, because what the dress lacks in drama she brought with the styling. That hair takes a somewhat basic socialite gown somewhere much more dramatic than it would otherwise find itself.

Point of discussion: We love the look, but kind of think the makeup could’ve been bumped up to the drama level of the hair. Agree/Disagree? Please show your work.


Style Credits:
Vera Wang Black Silk Tiered Gown with Trapunto Bustier, Black Tulle Underlay and Cotton Poplin High Collar
Aurate Earrings
Jimmy Choo Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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