Viola Davis in n:PHILANTHROPY and Alice + Olivia on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Posted on January 31, 2018

Miss Lady, we think you just snagged one of your very best looks. Or at least, one of our new favorites, which we consider the same thing as being the very best because we are arbiters of such things. Sniff.

Seriously, though. Is this not glorious?


We know some of you may have some opposing ideas about, say, where the waist hits her, or how the neckline works in conjunction with it, or whether silver sequined wide-legged pants should even exist, but all we see is a woman in her glory; loving herself, feeling herself, and not worried a bit about how she’s coming across to anyone else. We won’t suggest the ensemble is responsible for all of that, but it sure didn’t hurt.

Look at it this way: either this look is giving her the confidence and self-joy to cruise her way through a talk show appearance or this look is reflective of those very qualities within her. Either perspective is a damn good argument for it.





Style Credits:
n:PHILANTHROPY ‘Impala’ Black Crop Sweater
Alice + Olivia Sequin Wide Leg Pull-up Pant

[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live via]

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