Tessa Thompson Suits Up at the NAACP Image Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on January 16, 2018

There’s a LIZA! moment happening in fashion right now. By the way, it is legally required that you say it or type it just like that: LIZA! So people (over 30) know who you’re talking about.

Anyway, consider the following:

Granted, a tweedy beige doesn’t sound very LIZA!, but there’s been quite the embrace of the sequined look on the red carpet lately, and this safari-style glitter pantsuit does tend to have that late ’70s/early ’80s feel to it. Personally, we love the look and were half-tempted to ask “IN or EVEN MORE IN?” But first, we think this kind of style is likely to get some haters, and second, even we have to admit a better fit could have really elevated this look to the point where there would be no question of it’s INness. It’s all hanging off her, adding to a Nana effect good tailoring would mitigate. Even so, we still love it. Taking all that into account – or ignoring it; we won’t tell you how to live – answer the following question, please:


Tessa Thompson’s LIZA! ON! SAFARI! Look:

IN or OUT?!?




Style Credits:
Jonathan Simkhai Dimensional Sequin Tailored Jacket and Matching Pants from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
Jenny Bird Asymm Ziggy Drops

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com, modaoperandi.com]
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