Let’s Check in on Those Cold, Wet Stars at the Sundance Film Festival

Posted on January 22, 2018

Let’s take a break from all the awards show pomp and circumstance and turn our judgmental attention to the cold, wet celebrities trying to make casual winterwear look good at the Sundance Film Festival.

We’ll be nice, we promise. Very little of what’s worn at Sundance could be considered high-fashion or stylist-curated.


Aubrey Plaza in SAFiYAA

We almost didn’t include this look in this rundown, because it’s so uncharacteristic of Sundance fashion that it destroys our main hook for this post. Instead of a cold celebrity all bundled up and trying to make it work, she’s actually making it work by wearing something sharp and a little chic. It almost feels a little off-model for Sundance.



Aubrey Plaza

This, on the other hand, is about as on-point as a Sundance look gets. We’ve never been to the film festival but we imagine all the red carpet smell like wet wool and leather.



Dominic Cooper

He’s our adorable little spikey-haired lumbersexual.



Issa Rae and Ocatvia Spencer

Ladies killing it with the outerwear. Loving Octavia’s scarf and Issa’s boots.



Joanne Froggatt

Pick up a tray and start serving, girl. You don’t get paid to stand aro–

Oh. Sorry, Joanne. We didn’t recognize you in your cater waiter uniform.



Jon Hamm

No problems here. It’s dull, of course, but as we said, this is not a high-fashion place.



Maggie Gyllenhaal in Ryan Roche

Oof. We’re all for relaxed, casual looks. We wouldn’t ding her for not wearing a perfectly coordinated ensemble, if she wanted to. But this looks kind of sad to us. It’s not really good for winter weather and those pants look silly with snow boots.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]



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