Style File: Pink Goes Big on Grammys Weekend, But We Don’t Get It

Posted on January 29, 2018

We’re just going to go ahead and admit that we don’t quite get Miss Pink’s style preferences. She goes for big, dramatic looks. That’s never going to be a thing that we argue against. The problem isn’t that she likes big drama; it’s that she likes a kind of it that doesn’t seem to suit her very well.


Pink attends the Grammy Salute To Industry Icons Honoring Jay-Z event in New York City.

This is perhaps not the best example of what we’re talking about, since the problems with this look are a little more evident, in our opinion. The coat’s gotta go. We have no problem with outerwear on the red carpet; especially in cold weather. But the competing reds and weights of fabric are totally wrong. These pieces were all clearly chosen to go together as an ensemble, but all they do is obscure each other. She’s just a mass of competing reds with a head and no other details. Which brings us to one of our main issues: her choice of silhouette.


Pink attends the Grammy Awards 2018 in New York City in Armani Privé.

We get that she doesn’t have the typical female pop star’s body. She’s broad-shouldered and athletic, which can be as tough as being plus-sized when it comes to formal-wear options. But there’s no good reason for her to be hiding herself under so much weight and volume all the time. This is a sorority house rug with a belt.

Then there’s the secondary issue of tone, which is admittedly far more subjective and arbitrary to discuss. For us it comes down to this: Her image and her art are so focused on strength, growth and women-centered positivity mixed with a vulnerable sort of toughness. So why does she wear outrageous drag queen dresses so much? If we saw this dress on a rack or a runway and you asked us who should wear it on the red carpet, we’d never in a million years consider her for it. That doesn’t mean anything on its own because who the hell are we? But it seems to us her red carpet style is often at odds with her art and persona. Nothing wrong with a tough girl going for glam or even frivolity in her style choices, but this Phyllis Diller style of gown is far from the best way for her to go about it. We’re not suggesting she go all Joan Jett on us, but when she performed in simple jeans and a tank top with an oversized t-shirt, we thought we were getting something much closer to the real person. We think that sort of low-key, hard/soft sort of style can be upscaled easily to the red carpet for her. This ain’t the way, girl.



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Second Look: Armani Privé Dress from the Fall 2015 Couture Collection | AS29 Black Diamond Drop Earring | Borgioni Black Diamond Double Finger Ring

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