Let’s Check Out What Everyone Wore to The Stella McCartney Fall 2018 Collection Launch

Posted on January 17, 2018

Kittens, a cornucopia of ladystars spilled forth to smile for the cameras and model a little bit o’Stella for the launch of her eponymous line. And since we know how stressed you kittens can get about Stella, we suppose we should give you some time to center yourself before proceeding. Go look at Chris Hemsworth to get your blood pressure down and then come back to look at ugly shoes.

Ready? Ok, then:


Amy Poehler

Can’t be bitches. This is actually pretty cute. We can’t say we’re ever really gonna love the shape of those shoes, but we like the idea of them with the rest of these pieces.



Emma Roberts

It’s okay. The accessories are way more interesting – and don’t go with the dress at all.



Kate Hudson

Nothing about this ensemble should work for us, but we think it found its wearer. That skirt looks like it has scar tissue forming on it, which is a bit difficult for us to get past, but this is a surprisingly strong look on her. Needed better shoes, though. And a purse that actually did something for it.



Katy Perry

Her long, slow morph into Carol Channing is nearly complete.



Kiernan Shipka

Trust Kiki to make this all work. She looks fantastic. You can be high-fashion AND look fun and youthful, Miss Millie Bobby Brown. We’re just saying.



Olivia Munn

We’re not ready for 2003 to make a return. We reject this.



Paris Jackson

Yes, the footwear is ridic, but this is an adorable, youthfully chic look that absolutely suits her to a T.



Selma Blair

We’re all for whimsical prints, but how many of you can truthfully say you’d want to sport a dress with electric fans all over it? And not cute, little anthropomorphic ones. Putting aside the odd whimsy, the color story is just awful and impossible to make work.

Still not loving that shoe, but we begrudgingly admit Kiernan Shipka made it work for her. As with so much goofy fashion, youth gives the wearer the biggest advantage.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]



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