Saoirse Ronan Made the Unworkable Work for Her on “The Ellen Show”

Posted on January 19, 2018

Just as every pot has its lid, so too does every goofy-ass outfit have its wearer out there somewhere,
just waiting to make it work.

Probably not, but it sounds nice. Even better, it would explain this:

Because there’s no way this getup should work (check the look book below, in which a professional clothes-wearer failed to prevent this ensemble from making her look a little crazy), and yet Miss Saoirse looks kind of casually chic and fun in it. There’s some sort of proportional alchemy happening with the flares on those pants, which look eye-rollingly silly on their own, but somehow don’t overwhelm the senses when Saoirse puts them on. It really shouldn’t work. Literally every single time we look at the model wearing it, it somehow morphs into something hideous and silly. Go back to Saoirse, and it snaps back to being cute and low-key stylish.

The flip side to “Girl, that’s not your look,”  is “Girl, that’s yours and yours alone.”




Style Credits:
SemSem Cairo Check Cropped Top and Matching Pants from the Resort 2018 Collection
Jimmy Choo Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,, – Video Credit: TheEllenShow via]

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