SAG Awards 2018: Allison Janney Strong-Shoulders It in Yanina Couture: IN or OUT?

Posted on January 22, 2018

Okay, kittens. Time for you to take the reins of judgment.

We have no problems forming an opinion on this dress. That’s not why we’re asking you to weigh in. It took us a few look-sees to come to a conclusion on it, partially because it’s so striking and partially because we love when she brings the sleek drama to the red carpet. It plays to her strengths and it gives us something interesting to look, which dazzled us briefly, but our conclusion hasn’t changed. We don’t like it. The shape is just a bit too much for our tastes. We think she could look great in a broad, accentuated shoulder, but the rounded shape of this one just comes off a little clownish to us. She’s fierce and she’s working the hell out of it, but we can’t bring ourselves to love it.

But like we said, it plays to her strengths. And we know she’s so beloved that many will simply love this look on sight. Also: we’re miffed she took Laurie Metcalf’s SAG Award from her and feel our judgment may be compromised. It will be up to you to take over the sacred duties from us. Just this once.


Allison Janney’s “Joan of Arc, Space Queen” Look: 

IN or OUT? 



Style Credits:
Custom Yanina Couture Silver Metallic Long-Sleeve Gown
H. Stern Jewelry
Tyler Ellis Clutch
Stuart Weitzman Sandals

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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