SAG Awards 2018: Alison Brie Dazzles in Dundas; Acquits Herself Nicely In the Face Of Stupid Questions

Posted on January 22, 2018

Since you came her for the dress talk, let’s get to that first:

First: Is this kind of tacky? HELL YES. Is that why we loved it? Well, yeah. Sort of.

We might have had some serious quibbles if a different actress stepped out wearing this; especially if it was a look that didn’t suit her or she was poledancing for a prestigious or serious-minded project. But Alison is here with her castmembers from GLOW, representing the show. It certainly wasn’t a requirement for her to find a gown that evoked wrestling costumes so perfectly, but the fact that she did delights us. In addition, she suffers a bit from Debbie Reynolds Syndrome: Cute looks and a likeable, bubbly personality can often wind up receding into the background in the world of celebrity poledancing. Again, it’s not required that she find dazzling pieces of fashion that are so eye-popping we can’t tell if they’re tacky or not, but it’s great that she did here. It’s bold, photogenic and statement-making, which is everything a rising, likable actress should look for in her red carpetry. And we’re loving the blue earrings.

In other, dumber news, Giuliana Rancic is clearly struggling to interview red carpet attendees without asking them one thing about what they’re wearing, which strikes us as silly, especially when said attendees actually mentioned how much they love their dresses; something that happened more than once. Evidently casting about for topics of discussion, she wound up asking Allison – without any warning, judging by her startled reaction – to give a statement about her brother-in-law James Franco, who is facing several allegations of sexual harassment at the moment. All credit to Allison, who managed to blurt out a mostly decent response to the question (she implied that some of the charges were false), but what the hell was Giuliana thinking? It’s not the job or responsibility of women to answer for the sins and crimes of men they know. JAMES FRANCO WAS IN ATTENDANCE and he didn’t get cornered to answer any questions on this topic. That is revolting.

And to be honest, it solidifies for us our long-held belief that red carpets should probably remain mostly frivolous affairs about Hollywood and fashion. The majority of people who pass through this rarefied world aren’t prepared to talk about serious issues in 3-minute sound bites on the fly – and very few of the people who conduct the interviews are the kinds of journalists and hosts who can put together serious, probing questions on weighty topics.


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Dundas One-shoulder Silk Crepe Jersey Gown with High Slit and Ziggy Stardust Lightning Bolt Embroidery from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Dundas]

T Lo support #TimesUp.

“The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.” Read the Letter of Solidarity here. Make a donation to the legal fund here. 



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