Pop Style Opinionfest: Time’s Up on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Posted on January 12, 2018

Darlings! It is sooooo adorable that you thought we were done talking about this! Silly kittens. You should know that T Lo isn’t done talking until they’ve beaten a topic to death. The topic in question? The already-much-discussed Golden Globes red carpet, which was the most feverishly media-anticipated red carpet we’d ever encountered in ten years of covering them. You’ve read our takes on the overall evening, as well as our opinions on virtually all of the outfits worn, but for this podcast, we talked about what it was like behind the scenes, so to speak; the discussions we had with other fashion writers about how to cover this, the general uneasiness in the fashion press going into this (compounded even further if you’re a man writing about this stuff), our thoughts on the efficacy of the protest in the long run, and some of the blowback and criticism we received from people who generally don’t see any point to red carpet coverage at all.

PLUS! Our thoughts on the E! red carpet coverage, how it failed, how it can be improved, and how it compares to the network TV coverage.

So jump on in, by clicking HERE, to hear two crusty ol’ red carpet commenters tackle the questions and issues surrounding the toughest red carpet they ecver covered. And as always, darling, thank you forever for your support.

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