Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks Keep it Cazh for “The Post” Screening at the Palm Springs Film Festival

Posted on January 05, 2018

Aunt Meryl and Uncle Tom out for date night:


We don’t detect the hand of a stylist at work here, so we’re inclined to be light in our judgment. Which isn’t all that hard in this case, because we think they both look pretty great, in a semi-cazh sort of way. This concludes the fashion portion of this post, because we’d rather talk about their work together, which we watched for a third time this week.

One of the best things about The Post, which we reviewed in our podcast last month, is watching these two titans pair up for the first time. For us, the interest came in seeing such different acting styles and personae butt up against each other. She’s so technical, precise and fine-tuned in her acting style and he tends toward big, sloppy, emotive moments. He has a history of, and talent for, playing really likable every-men and she has a history of, and talent for, playing complicated Great Women of History. All of that comes into play in their interactions on film, and the results are engrossing and entertaining. Like all great acting duos, they elevate each other’s performance in the film. You sense great respect from each of them toward the other. And you also sense that Spielberg spent the shoot pinching himself in disbelief at what he had at his fingertips. The Post is fairly standard film making in a lot of ways, but it’s like watching a trio of incredibly talented people produce one hell of a well-oiled narrative machine.

Anyway, go see it. And Mary Louise sure loves those boots way more than we do.

What? We had to say something.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]




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