Marie Claire’s 2018 Image Makers Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 16, 2018

Darlings, let’s do a quick drive-by of one of the lesser-known (but well attended) awards shows. And by “quick drive-by,” we mean stopping to look at their clothes and render judgment on them.

Hey, you attend an Image Makers awards ceremony, we’re gonna take a minute to see how your image management went. That’s the T Lo way.


Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Great color on her, but it feels like a simple dress that mutated because someone had several ideas too many and didn’t edit themselves. There’s a cape-like thing, a plunging neckline, a waistband with a sad satin sash, and a boob strap for no good reason. We wanted to say that one of these elements needed to be edited out, but it turns out every one of them was a bad idea.


Heidi Klum in Alex Perry

Why Miss Klum. Why so demure?

Aside from being surprisingly well-covered, this is fairly typical for the Heidster.



Issa Rae in Prada

Lovely. It has a breezy feel to it that belies the chicness of that gown. The slightly unusual color really sings on her. We’re not feeling the matchy earrings, though.



Michelle Monaghan in Alex Perry

A sheer, satiny, skin-colored dress just winds up making the wearer look … greasy.

Terrible color, overdesigned frock, and shoes that pull focus. It’s kind of awful all around.


Sonequa Martin-Green in Peter Pilotto

We’re fully supportive of her wearing slightly goofy looks with a sci-fi flair to them, given her Star Trek role, but that neckline and sleeve are just not working for her. And the accessories don’t really go.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Valentino

LUV HUH. We have a LOT of quibbles here, but in the end, we love the idea of her in a satin disco tracksuit way too much to be bitchy about it.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]




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