Jessica Chastain Makes it Hard on Herself at the Variety Mag Palm Springs Film Festival Luncheon

Posted on January 04, 2018

We had this pegged as a mostly on-point if slightly odd luncheon dress.

But the longer we look at it, the more it comes off like something that’s way more trouble than it’s worth. Tho top half gives the impression of breezy ease-of-use fashion, but that skirt is a bit of a mess. Who looks at a sleeveless bodice with snap closures running down the front and thinks a gigantic skirt ruffle is needed to complete the look? It’s kind of weird how the whole look gets increasingly difficult as you scroll down, until you get to those utter torture devices on her feet. Miss Jessica, this is all way too much bother for lunch.

She does look great in a blue/black combo, though. Just not when it’s rendered in a hospital gown with delusions of grandeur.



Style Credits:
Givenchy Black and Blue Dress with Snap Buttons Detailing

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]




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