Jared Leto Does Fleetwood Mac Cosplay in Helmut Lang

Posted on January 29, 2018

Jared Leto attends the 2018 MusiCares Person of the Year Event Honoring Fleetwood Mac.


We’ve gotta hand it to him. We’re usually the first in line to unsheathe the claws whenever he gets too silly or performative on the red carpet (which is most of the time), but he really nailed it this time.

That’s some high-fashion minimalist Fleetwood Mac realness right there. And we can’t think of another celebrity man better suited for it. Of course it doesn’t escape our notice that this is decidedly stripped bare in comparison to his usual clownish fashion tendencies. It’s also decidedly NOT Gucci, a brand he’s worn way too much of since he won his Oscar, that he seemed to have gotten sick of in the last year or so. Let this be a sign, Jared. If you’re committed to the Jesus schtick and you’re contractually obligated to Gucci, try and find something chic and spare and low-key Rocker Chic in the pile next time. This is the best and most appropriate look he’s worn in ages.

Maybe he’s subtly auditioning for the inevitable biopic about the band.

Style Credits:
Helmut Lang Ensemble from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com]
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