Grammys 2018 Red Carpet Rundown: The Gentlemen

Posted on January 30, 2018

As we wind down our coverage of the 2018 Grammys, it occurs to us that this may have been the chic-est Grammys red carpet in decades. We can think of no better way to illustrate our point than the following rundown of well-dressed men, giving it their best shot. The fact that we could even pull this many men together for a Grammys fashion post is notable in itself, since men at the Grammys constitute the consistently worst dressed celebrity grouping on the semi-formal red carpet. In other words, the VMAs don’t count because they’re defiantly casual by definition. The Grammys red carpet was always where you could see guys dressed like mechanics posing with women in $50,000 gowns. Not so with the following men. We salute them. And also serve up some quibbles along the way because you would expect no less from us.



Big Sean in Salvatore Ferragamo

Behold, a man who can work a turtleneck – with a chain, even. We don’t think the majority of men can make them work (as we told the NY Post just yesterday [painting nails emoji]), but that’s some next level neck-condom-wearing. You always hear us rail against mismatched reds, blacks or whites, but never hear us complaining about a range of blues, which never looks bad on anyone. Loving the textural play here as well.



Brent Faiyaz

Another man working a neck chain with style. God knows we couldn’t pull it off. There’s a bit too much foofaraw and grommetry for our tastes, but we love this for being so different and well put-together.



Camryn Howard

We’ll never criticize a man in a sequined tux. Respect.



Jaden Smith in MSFTSRep and G-Star

It’s perfectly fine for his age and even has some style interest to it, but he comes off a bit underdressed in comparison to the rest of this crowd.



Khalid in Salvatore Ferragamo

For the men, it was a night of bold colors, rich textures, and … turtlenecks. Somehow, this works for him, although it really shouldn’t.



Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan of CamelPhat

Nothing to complain about here.



Ne-Yo in Grayscale

LOVED this on him. It takes a brave and special man to make a yellow velvet jacket work for him.



Nick Jonas in John Varvatos

Sure. Okay.



Sam Smith in Cerruti 1881

LOVED the colors and the ’80s retro style, which suits him very well.



Sting and Shaggy

Sting looks so amazing that the neck scarf doesn’t come off nearly as asshole-y as it rightly should. Loving Shaggy’s plaid tux and blue suede shoes.



Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of Chainsmokers in Valentino

Despite the douche fumes, they look pretty amazing.



Tyran Brown

The shape isn’t helping him and the color is too bronzey to photograph well. A little more fit and a brighter gold would do him right.



Zayn Malik in Richard James

LOVE. Every single bit of it, right down to the socks and shoes. Well done, sir. Best-dressed man of the night? Yes, we think so.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]


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