Grammys 2018 Red Carpet Report: Lana Del Rey, Queen of Space, in Gucci

Posted on January 29, 2018

It occurs to us now that we rarely ever feature this gal around here. Not for reasons of dullness and generic style choices, we can assure you. Maybe it’s because her airy-fairy space queen schtick can only be snarked on so much before you start sounding like a nasty bitch. Or maybe it’s just that her style choices tend to provoke a small smile or mild eyeroll in us, but little more.

This was more of a smile look than an eyeroll one, although it could’ve gone either way:

It’s just so goofily her in so many ways, from the semi-hilarious crown right on down to the clunky shoes. But we’re being flippant if we simply treat this ensemble like clown clothes or something too cray to be taken seriously. It’s a pretty dress. We think it would’ve worked far better in a blue, though. And while we adore the crown, we think the necklace absolutely doesn’t belong. Dump that, switch the color for midnight blue, and pick a non-box-shaped silver sandal. Then we wouldn’t be merely smiling or mildly rolling our eyes, we’d be snapping our fingers and telling girlfriend to WERQ it.

Although we’d still be dubious on the eyeliner.


Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Silk Gown with Star Embroideries, Soft Draped V-neck and Rope Necklace, Metallic Sandals and Silver Headpiece with Crystal Stars

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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