Grammys 2018 Style Report: Lady Gaga Serves up High Melodrama in Armani Privé

Posted on January 29, 2018

Darlings, it was a funny sort of Grammys ceremony, where many of the greatest performance moments came from women artists who were then asked to sit quietly while the men received virtually all the awards. One wonders if they were also asked to clear the dishes and put out the coffee.

On a night when so many women made their voices heard (even if they went unrecognized), Steffi stood out for being the biggest drama queen of them all. We would have expected no less from her.


Lady Gaga in Armani Privé

This is everything you could ask for from a Gaga red carpet look. It’s fiercely dramatic, other-worldly in its styling, with a high-fashion feel that nonetheless comes across just a little generic when you break it down. After all, as much as this made us gasp, it’s still “just” a lace body suit with a giant skirt wrapped around it. But it has the couture sense of perfection to it, which is not always a thing she can manage. And the styling really does take it somewhere specifically Gaga. You can’t stop looking at her, and that is entirely the point.

The earrings are fierce, the hair is, honestly, more interesting than pretty, and the makeup is so severe it actually alters the shape of her face, which is more or less by design, since it’s more or less stage makeup.

And speaking of which…


Lady Gaga in Armani Privé

Look, you should always take our assessments as jumping-off points for discussion and not the Final Word, even if we can get a bit imperious about it now and then. We know we’re gonna get yelled at for this one, but it’s just the view from where we’re sitting. We look at all this foofaraw and our first impulse is to roll our eyes. If we felt there was some sort of wink at the audience underneath all this drag, we’d be right there applauding it, but when it’s presented with nothing but the utmost sincerity, we just sit there gawping at the spectacle. A piano that looks like an angel died is not what we’d call subtle.

Anyway, in terms of fashion and stagewear, she nailed the moment. It’s dramatic as hell, thematically sound, and offers an unforgettable image, even if it looks like she can barely move in that thing.



Style Credits:
First Look: Armani Privé Black Lace Long-sleeved Jumpsuit and a Dramatic Black Skirt with a High Leg Slit and Extensive Train
Second Look: Armani Privé Rose Gown Embellished with Clusters of Light Pink and Crystal Beading and Paillettes. It also featured Billowing Sleeves and Prolonged Pieces of Pleated Tulle Forming a train. | Le Vian Morganite and Diamond Earrings

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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