Grammys 2018 Red Carpet Report: Janelle Monáe Struts in Dolce&Gabbana

Posted on January 29, 2018

The lady tux has been an increasingly popular red carpet style choice over the last six months, due in no small part to the “Time’s Up” movement as well as the broader zeitgeist. We’ve seen more of them on the red carpet in the last half-year than we have in the previous five years combined and we have yet to get tired of seeing one. We’ve said for years that the basic black tux is like the LBD for men: none of us look bad in one so long as it’s of high quality and fits them well. We’re starting to think the same may hold true of women, which would make the basic black tuxedo a more or less universally flattering look.

Anyway, taking all of that into account, it’s STILL no surprise that Miss Janelle found a unique spin on this look and made it all her own:

How fabulous is THAT?

We won’t call it flawless, because we’re not feeling the hugeness of those pants. But that’s our only quibble; the overall look is flamazing. She’s got the charisma to wear a tuxedo festooned with flowers and still come across serious and a little badass.




Style Credits:
Dolce&Gabbana Printed Ensemble from the Spring 2018 ‘The Secret Show’ Collection
Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana]
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