Golden Globes 2018: Claire Foy and Matt Smith

Posted on January 09, 2018

And now, Mr. and Mrs. Sharp-as-shit, serving up English cheekbones and attitude:

She had one of the best pantsuits of the night. Probably the best, because we honestly can’t think of anyone who did it better off the top of our heads. We wish the hem on the pants was taken up a half-inch or so. We commend her or her team for their pin placement. Either they simply stumbled on a decent way of protecting the lapel from puncture marks, or they realized the cameras would be trying to get closeups of her jewelry. Either way, well done.

We tend to really dislike double-breasted tuxedos, but he’s exactly the right type to make it work.



Style Credits:
Claire Foy: Custom Stella McCartney Double-breasted Suit with Wide Legged Trousers | Harry Winston Diamond Rings and Rock Bands Set in Platinum
Matt Smith: Burberry Tuxedo

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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