Golden Globes 2018: Men In (Mostly) Black – Part 1

Posted on January 09, 2018

This was, as we’ve noted several times now, the best-dressed Golden Globes red carpets of all time and probably one of the best awards show red carpets of all time. As such, we’ve had to be creative in our approach to discussing the work of all those hard-working style teams, because there’s only so many ways you can say “Nice dress!” before people start looking at you funny. This is an even more obvious problem when discussing well-executed menswear, because “Nice fit!” isn’t much better as a talking point.

This concludes the whining portion of this post. Now let’s get on to judging these gentlemen, yes?



Bill Pullman

The jacket’s a bit small and the pants a bit big, but that is some primo silver fox hair action.



Bob Odenkirk in Prada

Pretty well done all around, although he seems scared to breathe in it.



Caleb McLaughlin in Ports 1961

Always fabulous. Love a good man-brooch.



Chris Hemsworth in Etro

He gets all the props in the world from us for wearing a brocade tux, but the tielessness really bugs.



Daniel Kaluuya in Gucci

Nothing wrong here.



Darren Criss

Oof. We cannot get behind the cut of that jacket.



Jude Law in Saint Laurent

Can’t deny he looks great. Gray dinner jacket? Nothing wrong with it, but it’s a pretty pointed choice in this setting.



Kit Harrington in Dior Homme

Works for us.



Nick Jonas in Versace

As per the usual, his jacket is cut too tight to make him look more swole.



Noah Schnapp in Balmain

This is all well-rendered, but perhaps a bit too mature and grown-up. We’d find that scarf and those loafers a bit pretentious on a man three times his age.



Ricky Martin in Dior Homme

This all seems to be in order, although he should consider laying off the hair and beard dye just a skosh.



Timothée Chalamet (in Berluti) and Armie Hammer (in Giorgio Armani)




Zac Efron in Hugo Boss

Also well done.


See? Boring commentary! What can we say, darlings? At least the men are pretty to look at.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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