Diane Kruger Works Tourist Chic in Balenciaga at the YSL Beauty Party

Posted on January 18, 2018


We’re not usually sticklers for keeping it real in terms of style choices, since fashion is all about rehashing and revisiting and revising. What might seem dishonest, lame or cliched to us could come across like some sort of Dada-ist stroke of couture genius to someone else. And when Balenciaga came out with those silly IKEA bags for thousands of dollars, we tended to see it less as a true expression of style and more as a brand trolling the PR machine for visibility. That one bag probably snagged the house more mainstream press fervor than it had seen in decades.

Having said all that …

We’d have liked this more if she snagged it at a Times Square tourist trap for realsies. Don’t get us wrong, if people want to pay for this $900 hoodie, go with God. But real style comes from the people who can look at the humble inspiration for this high-end version and see the possibilities in it.

She looks cute, though. It’s the least cray thing she’s worn in a while.




Style Credits:
Balenciaga ‘New York City‘ Hoodie

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, balenciaga.com]

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