David Beckham, Victoria Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham, The Family that Slays Together, at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Posted on January 19, 2018

Darlings, we don’t know about you, but we did not grow up in families that found themselves posing for pictures outside Paris fashion shows. Alas, we spent most of our childhoods wishing that we had grown up in such families, and acted out our pre-teen frustrations by judging how everyone in our families dressed. We were bitchy fashion bloggers before the internet was even a thing.

Anyway, this isn’t about us, but about Mr. and Mrs. Cheeksucker and their little darling, Poutrick, Jr.

Blunt talk? They all kind of look like crap. Given Mom and Dad’s entire adult professional style, we find this turn toward no-doubt highly curated, meticulously studied normcore to be more than a bit eyeroll-worthy. Poutrick Cheeksucker, Jr. is fine, because he’s a kid and he’s more or less always dressed this way, but we find Mum and Papa to be just a little too precious for us. The coats are nice, of course, but her art teacher getup looks goofy. The fly gap is inexcusable. He’s just serving “Dad on a Saturday” realness. We get that you’re all way too cool and impressive to care about fashion, but considering it’s how you make most of your money, we can’t take the studied boredom seriously.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]


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