“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Premiere

Posted on January 09, 2018

COLOR, you guys! While we’re pleased with how our coverage of the “Time’s Up” dress blackout at the Golden Globes has been shaking out, we have to admit, our poor color-starved eyes practically wept at the sight of these folks. The peeps at Versace have disavowed this dramatization, as we would expect them to, but we’re happy to see the stars of this show are dressing in some bold, colorful styles  (without actually wearing any Versace, which may have been denied them or they may have avoided out of fear of being called tacky about it).

Anyway, let’s judge, yes?


Darren Criss in Enmporio Armani

Granted, we’ve been looking at so much color-free fashion over the last two days, that we’ve overstated the amount of color on this red carpet rather wildly. We’re kicking off with more of the same black fashion, but we’ll give him credit for working a sharp look. Yes, our hatred of turtlenecks remains firmly in place, but sometimes bitches such as we can be won over.



Penélope Cruz in Stella McCartney

The color looks great on her and she was made to work a velvet, but the lace panels are hellaciously unflattering. Like, “What on earth were you thinking putting them there, Stella?” levels of unflattering.



Edgar Ramirez

It was nice of him to match his suit to Penelope’s dress. The brown tie is an interesting touch, but we’re not sure we like the combination all that much.


Ricky Martin

Hey, if it was chilly out in LA last night, we can’t fault a guy for wearing a scarf, but because everything is the same shade of blue, it just sort of looks like his shirt is mutating.








We will not be missing this one.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: FX Networks via YouTube.com]

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