Dakota Fanning in Miu Miu on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Posted on January 26, 2018

The folks at Miu Miu may as well go ahead and dub the dress “The Fanning.” It’s the kind of dress where, no matter who else is wearing it, you’ll think, “A Fanning would really rock this.” We make this suggestion in the full knowledge that Miu Miu will always have a dress like this in their line:

Kittens, it’s Miu Miu-riffic.

We should once again provide full disclosure that we named one of our cats Miu Miu and thus our opinions of the brand Miu Miu may get tangled up with our feelings about Miss Miu Miu, who is perfect and beloved by us no matter what she wears (which is nothing). BUT EVEN SO. Is this not a perfectly cute and perfectly Fanning-appropriate dress? Does the slightly juvenile hair and clunky-ass shoe not complete the total Fanning style experience? It’s the Miu Miuse look. It’s not reinventing the wheel for anyone, but it undeniable works when it’s done right.







Style Credits:
Miu Miu Black Point-Collared Mini Dress
Miu Miu Black Patforms

[Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC – Video Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers via YouTube.com]

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