The Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-Grammy Gala Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 31, 2018

For real. We mean it this time. THIS is the very last of our exhausting and exhaustive Grammys Weekend 2018 red carpet coverage. We’ve gotta say, it’s been quite an interesting development this year, seeing as how so many attendees, male and female, really stepped up their high-style game. We’re not sure we could come up with an explanation as to why, but so many people in pop music really seem to want a polished and upscale persona right now.

Anyway, put your judgin’ bras on, girls.


Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers in Etro

Yeah, no. We’re fully supportive of their brand of Douche-Dandyism, but you’ve gotta get the details right. Brown Chainsmoker’s fit is awful. Bleached Chainsmoker gets some credit for decent fit and a bold choice, but even we question the idea of a pink plaid suit. And if you’re gonna wear either of these looks SHAVE YOUR FUCKING NECKS.


Not sorry.


Bebe Rexha in Naeem Khan

She’s so fun and pretty and talented. This Kimmy Kosplay is beneath her.



Camila Cabello in Ester Abner

Very old-school glamorous. It’s okay, but it doesn’t feel very fresh. And those shoes look hideous.



Cardi B in Ashi Studio

Love the idea of this look, but the fit in the bust isn’t great and the skirt looks too stiff and heavy.



Darren Criss

Attaboy. It’s a bit dull, but it’s well-rendered.



Jennifer Hudson in Rubin Singer

Body-con reverse-sequin gowns can look awfully messy. This one’s okay, helped by a pretty great fit and color for her. Still, it would be better without the Rorschach test splotches.



Julia Michaels in Yanina Couture


“This would be so much cuter if it was just (blank)!”

We know you can figure it out.



Kacey Musgraves in Altuzarra

Kind of a fun choice, but the details are a little off. The clashing pink of the collar is distracting, the fit overall could be just a bit better, and silver pointy pumps don’t strike us as the best choice of footwear for this type of suit. Something a bit more cowgirl-glam was called for.



Katie Holmes





If you asked us ahead of time, “T Lo, would you be so kind as to list all the various celebrity men who could pull off a wine-colored star-spangled tuxedo?” We would answer, “Sure! Ne-Yo.”

So glad to be proven right. If you’d asked ahead of time.



Priyanka Chopra in Ester Abner

Her red carpetry has taken a distressing turn toward the tacky and stale lately. Snap out of it, girl.



Remy Ma in Karen Sabag

The part (for it surely can’t be called a slit) in her skirt is entirely too large but she does a surprisingly good job of working a basic Dynasty gown.



Zayn Malik in Dior Homme

He’s so pretty that even when he’s dressed like a futuristic Charlie Chaplin, it just works.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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