Chris Hemsworth Gets Us Through the Morning at the “12 Strong” World Premiere

Posted on January 17, 2018

Darlings, in the interests of full disclosure and blogger transparency, let it be known that your kind-hearted blog hosts woke up to three things this morning:

1) A non-functioning coffeemaker,
2) A non-functioning toaster, and
3) A dearth of good celebrity style content.

With all of that in mind, may we present Mr. Chris Hemsworth, who is here to dazzle you with his neck and chest and blue eyes while we make a dash to Starbucks for our crack fix.

Before we dash, however, we will note that he’s wearing a pretty sweet jacket with some nicely subtle detailing. We will also note that his penchant for undone dress shirts does not charm us, regardless of the visual display. And since we’re being total undercaffeinated bitches, we would also like to let it be known that we never cottoned to his whole stacked bracelet thing. Aussie or no, that just looks silly and immature with fine suiting.

There. That oughta hold you lot.




All the newps in the world.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via]



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